I Can’t Get this Tune out of my Head

released on March 16, 2017

A deep look at one’s life choices and ambition, and the costs that come with them.

Yanis and Vera are in their forties and they have it all. They love each other like the first day and are the parents of three beautiful children. However, Yanis, whose skills in construction are self-taught, is increasingly frustrated by his collaboration with Luke, Vera’s architect brother, as pragmatic and cautious as Yanis is creative and proactive. The partnership is officially over when Luke refuses THE project that Yanis was waiting for. Supported by his wife and financed by Tristan, a providential customer who swears only by him, Yanis finally creates his company. But what seemed like a dream will suddenly take a darker turn. Will Yanis take Vera into the downward spiral, or will she escape? Will the marriage survive the ambitions of others?

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I Can’t Get this Tune out of my Head


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Michel Lafon

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