Happiness at my Fingertips

released on June 5, 2014

When the search for happiness involves questioning one's choices

Since she was a child, Iris has had a passion for sewing. To draw models, to bring them to life by the magic of thread and needle, is what makes her happy. But her parents have always seen her ambitions as a whim: the fashion business is not “seemly”.

And with a heavy heart, Iris has conceded. Today, she is suffocating in her provincial prison, her husband is deserting her, her life seems to have stopped. But a revelation will force Iris to take her destiny into her own hands. In the whirlwind of Paris, she will take the risk to open up to the world and meet Marthe, muse and mentor, seductive and authoritarian … Portrait of a woman in search of her identity, this novel leads us into a diabolical adventure which will capture the reader as much as the heroine.

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Happiness Weaves in between my Hands


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Michel Lafon

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